Mitacs Accelerate Fellowship


Mitacs Accelerate Fellowship


Open program

Program deadline:

New proposals submitted to Mitacs will be reviewed and approvals will be determined per our standard course of business. All award approvals are subject to funding availability.

Research focus areas:

The Mitacs Accelerate Fellowship provides a long-term funding and internship option for undergraduates,master’s and PhD students. Recipients can also access professional development training that helps them ensure project success and gain in-demand career skills.

It connects companies with over 50 research-based universities through graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, who apply their specialized expertise to business challenges. Interns transfer their skills from theory to real-world application, while the companies gain a competitive advantage by accessing high-quality research expertise.

  • Undergrads, master's and PhD students can now put their talent to work with a paid internship at an organization that needs their expertise
  • Those organizations now include hospitals and municipalities in addition to businesses and not-for-profit organizations
  • Internships start at four months and projects can count multiple internships 

Open to all disciplines and industry sectors, projects can span a wide range of areas, including manufacturing, technical innovation, business processes, IT, social sciences, design, and more.





Project length

18 months  (1.5 years)

24 months  (2 years)

36 months  (3 years)

48 months  (4 years)

Internship Units (IU)    (6 months/IU)

4 IU

4 IU

8 IU

8 IU

Total research award





Minimum intern stipend

$30,000 ($20,000/year)

$40,000 ($20,000/year)

$60,000 ($20,000/year)

$80,000 ($20,000/year)

Partner organization contribution





Program submission instructions:

1.    Review the following information when you begin writing your proposal: 

2.    Submit Cover Sheet to Office of Research contact below, with a copy of the draft proposal

3.    Get feedback on the proposal from all participants and the Mitacs Program contact below

4.    Collect all required signatures: intern(s), professor(s), partner representative and the Office of Research contact below

5.    Email your proposal package to your Mitacs Program contact below

6.    Begin your Ethics application (if applicable)

Additional Information available on the Mitacs website

Office of Research contact:

Patti Ford  
Mitacs Program contact:

Amanda Green at