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Mitacs Accelerate International


Open program

Program deadline:

New proposals submitted to Mitacs will be reviewed and approvals will be determined per our standard course of business. All award approvals are subject to funding availability.

Research focus areas:

Mitacs Accelerate International supports bilateral research collaborations between interns, universities, and industry partners, both in Canada and abroad. Interns at Canadian universities can undertake projects in Mitacs’s partner countries. Interns from Mitacs's partner countries can undertake projects in Canada.

Accelerate projects with international travel to and/or from Canada have additional requirements from domestic Canadian projects:

  • Applicants should submit their completed proposal package at least 16 weeks prior to the planned start date
  • Interns travelling abroad (either to or from Canada) must attend any pre-departure orientations as mandated by their home university
  • Most Accelerate interns are paid by the participating Canadian university; Interns will be notified of alternative arrangements of payment in their outcome letter, if applicable.
  • Benefit to Canada will be considered in pre-submission eligibility screening and also in the review process.

For Accelerate projects involving international collaborations and interns travelling to/from Canada, Mitacs will review proposals to ensure that projects demonstrate sufficient benefits to Canada.

Benefits will be considered under categories such as:

  • training of Canadian citizens and permanent residents
  • bringing talent to Canada
  • creating new research relationships
  • growing research activities in Canada
  • foreign investment in Canada
  • creating IP held in Canada (joint or full ownership by Canadian organizations, allowance for Canadian industry to commercially exploit the IP)
  • creating markets for existing Canadian IP

Please contact your local business development representative for a list of Mitacs partner countries and regions.

Program submission instructions:

  1. Submit Cover Sheet to Office of Research contact below, with a copy of the draft proposal
  2. Get feedback on the proposal from all participants and the Mitacs Program contact below
  3. Collect all required signatures: intern(s), professor(s), partner representative and the Office of Research contact below
  4. Email your proposal package to your Mitacs Program contact below
  5. Begin your Ethics application (if applicable)

Additional Information available on the Mitacs website

Office of Research contact:

Patti Ford  
Mitacs Program contact:

Contact Amanda Green at