Navigating the system

Manage protocols page


1. Main navigation

  • Hide menu

    • Reduces the size of this menu, giving you more area for the main content of the page.
  • Manage protocols

    • Displays existing ethics applications and allows you to begin a new application. 
    • Allows you to view any applications shared with you by another researcher.

2. Search and filters

  • Allows you to search through your application(s) and filter the display of applications.

3. New protocol

4. Existing protocols

  • Displays your existing protocols, with any filters applied. If you have more than the current page limit, there will be a “Load more” option at the bottom of the list. Selecting the title of a protocol will open it.
  • Displays both the original approved version and the in progress version if you have an application with a renewal or amendment in progress.