$4.4 million for humanities and social sciences research at Waterloo

Thursday, June 16, 2022

University of Waterloo researchers have been awarded more than $4.4 million in funding by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), to support research that addresses environmental inequality, economic sustainability and Indigenous language revitalization.

Waterloo’s 22 projects, which are among the $175 million funding announcement for 809 projects across Canada, are:

Partnership Development grants

Philip Beesley (Engineering): Empathetic Spaces Partnership (ESP) ($114,176)

Bessma Momani (Arts): Digital transformation of work: Determining impacts on women and skills retraining needs ($199,999)

Dawn Parker (Environment): Why did the "Missing Middle" miss the train? Exploring barriers and solutions to intensified family housing in Waterloo region ($189,926)

Insight Grants


Kathy Acheson (English Language and Literature): The future of research in early modern marginalia ($92,506)

Annik Bilodeau (Spanish and Latin): Mapping artistic sorority in Spanish America ($92,740)

Ramona Bobocel (Psychology): Investigating impediments to achieving organizational justice ($283,089)

Randy Harris (English Language and Literature): Growing the rhetoricon for ML argument mining ($272,411)

Daniel Henstra (Political Science): Effective governance arrangements for climate resilient infrastructure ($378,073)

Naila Keleta-Mae (Communication Arts): Sites and performances of blackness and freedom ($212,932)

Allison Kelly (Psychology): How can an understanding of observational learning promote new ways of increasing self-compassion? ($298,165)

Emmet Macfarlane (Political Science): Hate speech legislation, the commonwealth model, and parliamentary debates on rights ($243,737)

Lennart Nacke (Stratford): Entering the metaverse: Investigating social virtual reality platforms and experiences ($383,816)

Marcel O'Gorman (English Language and Literature): Critical by design: Fostering responsible innovation with critical design methods ($290,586)

Guy Poirier (French Studies): Superbe et imaginaire entrée d'un roi devenu reine, l'espace d'un pamphlet ($95,495)

Uzma Rehman (Psychology): Testing the perfectionism model of women's sexual desire ($217,242)

Andrew Stumpt (St. Jerome's): Observational studies to improve end-of-life care in Canada ($177,733)

Sarah Turnbull (Sociology and Legal Studies): Reforming detention: Race, gender, and nation in the national immigration detention framework ($85,685)

David-Antoine Williams (St. Jerome's): Opening the Oxford English Dictionary: A data-enhanced, research-ready historical dictionary ($265,720)


Bon Koo (Management Sciences): Capital structure and innovation: Canadian biotechnology industry ($89,560)


Peter Johnson (Geography and Environmental Management): Who owns the map? Data sovereignty and the shifting government role in spatial data collection, use, and dissemination ($202,050)


Warren Dodd (School of Public Health Sciences): Interrogating different pro-poor policy approaches in the context of intersecting social-ecological crises in the Philippines ($178,423)

Aid to Scholarly Journal

Jay Dolmage (Arts): Canadian Journal of Disability Studies/Revue canadienne d'téudes sur le handicap ($90,000)