Two Waterloo researchers among the RSC medal & award winners

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

In addition to the new 2022 cohort announced by the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) last week that included six University of Waterloo Faculty members, two additional Waterloo researchers are award winners.

According to a Royal Society of Canada press release this morning, Kevin Costello (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics) will be receiving the John L. Synge Award and Aiping Yu (Department of Chemical Engineering) will receive the Rutherford Memorial Medal in Chemistry. Costello, Yu and the new class of 2022, will be recognized at the Celebration of Excellence & Engagement (COEE) in Calgary, November 23 to 26.

Winner of the John L. Synge Award for outstanding research in any of the branches of the mathematical sciences

Kevin Costello

Kevin Costello (University of Waterloo Adjunct Faculty - Physics & Astronomy | Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics) is an Irish mathematical physicist who holds a Krembil Foundation chair at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. He works on mathematical aspects of quantum field theory, which is a widely used theoretical paradigm in physics. His work brings modern mathematical techniques to bear on this important topic. Costello is a Fellow of the Royal Society and has won several international prizes.

Winner of the Rutherford Memorial Medal in Chemistry for outstanding research in chemistry

Aiping Yu

Aiping Yu (Departement of Chemical Engineering) is an outstanding researcher and emerging leader dedicated to converting fundamental laboratory discoveries in nanotechnology and 2D materials to commercial products. Her research has led to a more cost-effective graphene material and Li-ion supercapacitors based on graphene sponge and MXene that are comparable to batteries but with significantly reduced charge time. She is poised to make more exciting contributions to next generation energy storage devices.