Vlad Loutchenok

Manager, Corporate Research Partnerships

Vlad LoutchenokVlad works with professors and companies to match interests for the purpose of collaborative research and commercialization projects with a focus on social sciences, applied health science, and environment. Some of the areas under Vlad’s portfolio include education technology, medical technology, e-health, human-computer interaction, gamification and digital media, smart cities, geo informatics, digital economy, fintech, and transportation.

Vlad’s professional experience spans public policy and partnership development. He joined Waterloo in 2015 as manager of non-profit/public sector partnerships where he developed research partnerships for all six faculties and the broader non-profit/public sector to build Waterloo’s research profile and leverage funding. Vlad has a master’s degree in public policy and administration from Ryerson University and a master’s degree in business, entrepreneurship, and technology from the University of Waterloo. He is currently working towards a master's degree in economic development and innovation at the University of Waterloo. 



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