Safeguarding Research

Safeguarding research, or what is commonly called research security, is a growing topic across the Canadian university sector, and the University of Waterloo is working to ensure that we safeguard research at the institution through our operational and administrative processes. 

The Office of the Vice-President, Research and International has developed a safeguarding research workplan and has identified activities to assist faculty with their research to enhance successful outcomes and to safeguard their work.  The safeguarding research team will provide ongoing support to researchers to continue and strengthen their international research affiliations, engagements, and collaborations. We will strongly promote the principles of transparency, predictability, academic freedom, and norms of open science, which must be the cornerstones of a successful relationship between universities, researchers, and governments with respect to safeguarding research. 

The safeguarding research workplan and activities will provide guidance on key areas of practice to safeguard research.  This guidance will include: training in risk assessment and risk mitigation; providing an overview and incorporation of cyber security best practices; protection of data; export controls requirements; and engagement with the University of Waterloo community on how best to understand safeguarding research in a shifting geo-political environment. 

We are here to support our community in navigating these complex issues. Importantly, we assist researchers in the completion of risk assessment forms that are now required for submission on a variety of proposals.