Research Support Fund furthers biomechanics research

A new door has opened many new doors for biomechanics research.

A double door installed in Burt Matthews Hall has provided Jack Callaghan, professor of kinesiology and Canada Research Chair in Spine Biomechanics and Injury, and other researchers with the ability to house new equipment to support their research. The renovation was funded through the Government of Canada’s Research Support Fund.

An expert in biomechanics, ergonomics, and injury mechanics, Professor Callaghan uses large driving simulators to investigate driver posture and strain associated with prolonged driving, and works closely with well-known car manufacturers and the Waterloo Centre for Automotive Research. These simulators, and associated equipment, didn’t fit through the original single door at the Spine Biomechanics lab so a double door was installed to accommodate the new research equipment. Since Professor Callaghan’s lab is connected to two additional research labs (BMH, 1404 and 1405), the double door also benefits other biomechanics researchers and their need to manoeuvre large equipment.

In addition, the Spine Biomechanics lab occupies two rooms. The first room is used for live human testing (in vivo) and the second is for examining spine specimens (in vitro). To ensure researcher safety and seamless use of all equipment, both rooms underwent extensive electrical upgrading. As a result, both labs were rearranged to increase capacity and further collaboration among researchers.

June, 2019