A calm front: Climate resilience

Thursday, November 21

11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m.

William G. Davis Centre, Room 1302

A panel presentation for Waterloo staff, faculty, and students exploring climate-related risks and responses

Kathryn Bakos

Climate minded investment strategies that minimize risk

Kathryn BakosKathryn Bakos is Director, Climate Finance and Science, at Waterloo's Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation. She assesses the impact of climate change on specific industry sectors and broader capital markets. With a strong background in finance and insurance, she helps investment professionals integrate climate change and extreme weather considerations into forward-looking portfolio analysis to minimize risk. She developed a framework for Integrating Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) factors into investment portfolios and has led climate related business analysis and platform development across Canada and the United States. At Research Talks, she will discuss the incorporation of climate change and extreme weather risks into institutional portfolio management. 

Rebecca Saari

The burden of climate driven air pollution on public health systems

Rebecca SaariRebecca Saari is an assistant professor, civil and environmental engineering, and professional air quality engineer who studies the consequences of climate change and climate policy on human health and environmental inequality. She has developed integrated assessment models to evaluate the impacts of sustainable infrastructure including policies on energy, buildings and transportation. She has 11 plus years of post-graduate experience in air pollution and air quality modelling and has completed climate related projects in seven Canadian provinces and territories. She directly informs policy through invited presentations to state-level policymakers and her work has been covered in over 16 news outlets including CBC, NBC, and the New York Times. At Research Talks, she will discuss the effects of climate driven air pollution on human health and how associated health risks, such as asthma and heart attacks, are burdening health care systems.

Peter Johnson

A shift in global finance: Sustainable practices and products

Peter JohnsonPeter Johnson is Director, Environmental and Social risk and Opportunity, at Scotiabank Global Risk Management. A recognized leader in corporate sustainability, Peter has worked across many sectors developing and implementing business-centric programs around sustainability, climate change, and risk management. In his role at Scotiabank, Peter is responsible for identifying and managing current and emerging environmental, social and sustainability risks, and opportunities across Scotiabank’s 55 country operational footprint. He maintains an extensive network of environmental, business, ENGO and sustainability colleagues around the world, and he was the first certified sustainable forest management (SFM) auditor in North America. At Research Talks, he will discuss his work in global risk management at Scotiabank and how climate change and resource scarcity are driving the need for sustainable business practices and products. 

Claudia Verno

Climate-smart policies that improve community resilience

Claudia VernoClaudia Verno is Director, Natural Catastrophe and Climate Change, at the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC). She is an accomplished economist with over 17 years of experience. At IBC, she leads the research, analytics and policy development of IBC's catastrophe risk and climate change policy. As part of her role, she works with governments and insurance executives across Canada raising public awareness and promoting sound policy solutions to protect communities against natural catastrophes.  Her recent work includes creating policy options for homeowners at high risk of flood, developing an integrated bespoke Canadian solution that will improve post-earthquake outcomes, working on a pilot project to improve flood risk models with the Canadian Water Network and five Canadian cities, and collaborating with the Intact Centre to integrate natural infrastructure into communal flood mitigation decisions. At Research Talks, Claudia will discuss the role of insurance and climate-smart policies and how they strengthen community resilience in a warming planet. 

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