"Under the auspices" of the University of Waterloo


Mandatory/key compliance obligations

Decide if your research is occurring "under the auspices of the University of Waterloo." Decide who can serve as PI based on the nature of his/her employment relationship to Waterloo. Identify situations in which you may need an Extra-University co-investigator.

Waterloo policy, procedure or guideline

University resources, including services provided by support staff, are to be used for the conduct of University-related activities. Members of the Waterloo community who wish to use University resources or facilities for private business or other purposes must first obtain the written approval from their department head. In seeking this approval, the nature of such purposes must be disclosed and the anticipated University facilities and resources to be used must be identified. Those approving such requests are responsible for ensuring that the University is reimbursed for any direct costs incurred (such as supplies, printing, photocopying). Policy 66 – Use of University resources and affiliation

  1. promote interaction between the University and the non-University entity to the benefit of both;
  2. facilitate placement of students in temporary or permanent employment;
  3. aid in the discovery of research and thesis problems;
  4. contribute to the professional development of a faculty member through the acquisition of new skills and techniques; and
  5. provide an additional opportunity for the faculty member to apply knowledge to practical situations. Policy 49 – Extra University Activity

Policy 18 – Staff Employment

Guideline – Research Conducted Under the Auspices of the University of Waterloo

External policy/requirements Agency funded researchers must comply with Agency policies. This includes those researchers who hold awards outside of Canada or at organizations in Canada that have not signed the Agreement on the Administration of Agency Grants and Awards by Research Institutions (the Agreement). By signing an application for a grant or an award, and by accepting a grant or an award, a researcher agrees to comply with the Agencies' policies. (Tri-agency Framework: Responsible Conduct of Research, 2011)
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