Viewing the full application

You are now presented with the full application and your application will appear on the “Manage Protocols” screen.

The full application screen has the following areas:

full application view

1. Back

  • Returns you to the “Manage Protocols” screen.

2. Left-hand navigation

  • Allows you to select an item from the list to move you to that section.
    • Green checkmarks will appear if all questions in that section have an answer. If an optional question isn’t answered, you will not get a green checkmark. A green checkmark is not required to submit your application.

3. Activity log

  • Stores all actions and notifications that have occurred on the application.

Note: Select “Protocol” to return to your application.

4. Version

  • Records all versions of your application. Each time it is returned to you and any time you begin an amendment or renewal your application will create a new version.
    • If you have multiple versions, this drop-down will let you go between versions to see them at that state.

5. Protocol status

  • Displays the status of your application.

Note: Once submitted to Research Ethics, the status will become “Submitted for Review.”

6. Right-hand menu

  • View admin attachments
    • Displays any documents Research Ethics provides to you. This will include the clearance certificate within 24 hours of the application being approved.
  • Abandon
    • Allows you to abandon an application you have no intention of proceeding with.
      • This cannot be undone. Only abandon an application if you are truly done with the record. There is no harm in leaving a record in progress indefinitely.
  • Submit
  • Print
    • Displays a version of your application with all table questions shown in full. This is ideal for reviewing your application before submitting it.

7. Application form

  • Displays your application form.

Continue completing the application. Certain questions will appear based on the answers provided to previous questions. 

Note: Your application will be saved automatically, shortly after you make changes or additions. This happens every time you see the “Save complete” notification appear at the bottom of your screen.