Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BoD) is responsible for oversight of all decisions made within the Science Society. The Board adopts "Robert's Rules of Order Revised" rules of procedure and elects their own Speaker who presides over the Board. The current speaker is Kristin Buttenhoff, who was elected in Spring 2017. The current Deputy Speaker is Seneca Velling, who was elected in Spring 2017. Membership is comprised of the Science Society executives, departmental club representatives, FEDS Science Councilors (restricted voting rights), and Science senator (restricted voting rights). The board also has several nonvoting members including Biomedical Student Association (BMSA) and Women in Science (WiS).

At least twice per term, BoD meetings are open for general membership attendance as a public forum. However, general members need to be recognized by the Speaker of the Board in order to speak.

To make a proposal to the BoD, please contact the Science Society. For financial assistance or external funding please CC the Vice President of Finance & Administration, Brittani Brown.