There are seven elected executive officers within the Science Society. These positions are open to full members of the society. Elections occur annually during the Winter term. The responsibilities of the executives are summarized below.

If you are interested in running to be a Science Society Executive, please fill out the Election Nomination Form . Please send the completed form to Ben Smith at benj.smith@uwaterloo.ca no later than Wednesday March 9th at 11:59 PM EST. For more information on the executive duties go to our Executives tab or, for more information, please refer to the Constitution of the Science Society of the University of Waterloo.

Asrith Mannem (he/him)

The President of the society is responsible for overseeing all day-to-day operations of the society. They are responsible for communication between cross-faculty societies and with the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA), and upholding the interests of Science students at the University and WUSA levels.

Madi Schuetze (she/her)
VP Finance

The Vice President Finance (VPF) is responsible for overseeing all financial matters pertaining to the Science Society and the departmental clubs that obtain funding through SciSoc fees (excluding CnD matters). They manage cheque request processes and oversee the cashboxes for society and club purposes. 

Amruta Manohar (she/her)
VP Communications

The Vice President Communications (VPC) will oversee the online presence of Science Society social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc) and the Science Society website. They coordinate the poster approval process in the Science Society office for all clubs, groups, and organizations wishing to put up posters in the science buildings across campus. They oversee the planning and execution of marketing campaigns throughout the term.

Hanaan Riaz (she/her)
VP Academic 

The Vice President Academic (VPA) is responsible for overseeing academic and co-operative education activities of the society and other special projects, when necessary. Their role is to communicate academic and employment concerns of Science students at the University and WUSA levels. They also work with first-year representatives to actively engage first years to aid in their transition to first year.

Zarin(Roza)Tasneem (she/her)
VP Internal

The Vice President Internal (VPI) is responsible for overseeing departmental clubs, the organization of the Science Board of Directors, and any other internal activities of the society. The VPI is also responsible for special projects, when necessary. They assume the role of President, should the position become available. They will also represent the liaison between the Society and the Ontario Science Students Association (OSSA). 

Samantha Lange (she/her)
VP Student Life

The Vice President Student Life (VPSL) is responsible for coordinating advocacy and social events throughout the term. They assist in planning, venue booking, and logistics coordination. They provide resources related to personal wellness and mental health. They will connect with advocacy groups and wellness committees across campus to implement their resources into events and services.

Ameen Yaseen (he/him)
VP Retail

The Vice President Retail (VPR) is responsible for managing the daily operations of the Science Society Retail Store and Science Coffee and Donut Shop (CnD). They will also oversee the various managers in their respective fields to keep the businesses running. They will also look into projects to expand the society's retail operations.