Dear members,

Well, we’re coming to the end of a very challenging week.  I have to say, I am so impressed with what I’ve seen of how people are pulling together to make this all work.  I understand that it was particularly confusing and frustrating as the week began and the state of things was less clear, but I think there has been a lot of work by a lot of people to get the issues sorted out.  Staff and faculty are working together to determine how courses will be delivered online.  Next week will be a big test of how well we’re doing with that but, again, I have seen tremendous effort in this area.  There is a key site for gathering information on teaching on-line:

For those working from home, I hope you are coping with the new realities.  It can certainly present new challenges when trying to get things done with your partner, kids, room-mates or others who are around and trying to do the same thing. I have certainly heard of some creative solutions.  Again, there is a site that is gathering up information on tools that you can use:

I want to commend our senior leadership for the work they’ve done to address this rapidly changing landscape.  We have now been assured that there will be a Spring term, which is so important for our students to be able to continue their studies.  This means that we will all need to continue to work in these news ways to deliver our services to students, faculty and each other.  We have been very pleased with the responsiveness of Administration to the concerns that we have raised on your behalf.  Any questions I’ve asked have been answered and, typically, addressed for all in the following announcements.  So that has been very much appreciated.  We all want this to work as well as possible in the circumstances.

We are looking at ways to be comfortable in our new found situation – from getting up and going for a walk, keeping the same routines of getting up, dressed at the usual times, to having a virtual “coffee meeting” together with your colleagues on Teams.  Do what you need to stay connected and healthy.

It's the weekend – Happy Friday!  Connect with your loved ones, either in the house or virtually, or even on the old-fashioned telephone.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to UWSA. Your voice starts here. Have a good weekend and keep well.

Your UWSA team, 

Lawrence Folland, President, Cell: 226-218-1822, 
Gail Spencer, Executive Manager, 
Cathy Bolger, Communications and Administrative Coordinator,

General mailbox,