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Membership form

The UWSA is an independent, member-run organization that makes your voice heard in key issues and policies that impact your work life. Joining the UWSA gives you a say in shaping a better future at UW!

If you were hired before October 26, 2022, you are not automatically a member and need to complete this form to join.

Benefits of membership

  • A voice in University decision making: Our elected board of directors and full-time president work closely with the University administration to improve working conditions and protect staff rights. One way in which we do this is through the Staff Relations Committee.
  • Staff advocacy: A full time UWSA advocate provides confidential support and assistance to all UWSA members.
  • Professional development opportunities: Members are eligible to serve on University-level and UWSA committees which support and represent all staff.
  • Voting privileges: Only members can participate in membership votes, annual meetings, and elections.
  • Grants and awards: Monetary rewards are available to UWSA members and their dependents.
  • Protection: UWSA protects members’ rights under University policies and procedures .
  • Discounts and corporate memberships: UWSA members are eligible for discounts at a wide range of businesses.
  • Annual events: Reguar events provide an opportunity to connect with one another outside of work.

Join here:

After you submit this form, a copy will be shared with HR so that dues may be taken from your monthly paycheque. For more information or if you'd prefer to sign a paper copy, please email uwsa@uwaterloo.ca.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.