Studio 180

The intimate Studio 180, located in Hagey Hall (HH), is a Black Box theatre that seats 60 people. The studio houses classes, productions, and student performance projects. Studio 180 may be booked by Theatre and Performance students for rehearsal purposes.

Contract Procedure

After booking availability is confirmed and held, you will be contacted at the following times for these steps: 

  1. Confirmation of event – 3 months prior to event or if another client requests the same date. 
  2. Filling out the rental contract questionnaire – 8 weeks (2 months) prior - the contract will be based on the schedule and will include an estimate for your event. 
  3. Signed contract received - 6 weeks prior to event. 
  4. A Certificate of Insurance listing the University as an Additional Insured submitted with the signed contract. 
  5. For non-ticketed events, a deposit of 100% of the estimated labour is required to be submitted with the signed contract. 
  6. After the contract is signed you will be put in touch with and handed over to the Technical Coordinator and the Box Office & Front of House Manager for the rest of the process leading up to and during your event. 

All events in the Humanities Theatre and Theatre of the Arts are required to have their tickets sold through our box office unless the event is free. Ticketing cannot be created and put on sale until a signed contract is received. 

Contracts requested earlier than the 8 to 6 weeks period will be put in queue. 

Download a PDF version of this contract here. 

For more Information Contact: