Humanities Theatre Technical Specs


Fire Regulations:  Exit signs must be illuminated and visible to the general public at all times.  Fire pull stations must be unobstructed and visible or their location clearly indicated via signage and accessible to all staff members and the public at all times.

Open flame is not permitted in the space. Requests for open flame must be made 2 months in advance to secure a permit from the Fire Marshall.

Any fabric, drapery, or textiles used onstage must meet Ontario’s Fire Code Regulations & Fire Protection and Prevention Act Subsection Flame resistance of textiles.  This means that these items must have a fire-resistance rating of not less than 1 hour. If the client cannot producer a certificate of flame retardant, then the Theatre personnel will test a portion of the item to ensure that the material will pass the match flame test as stated in NFPA 705.

Licenses:  The theatre has a SOCAN license for all preshow and post-show music in the theatre and in the lobby.  Should you wish to serve alcohol in the lobby you must obtain a liquor license through our Catering Department.

Personnel: Crew is made up of qualified students and local technicians.

You are required to have 2 technicians present whenever you are working in the space.  One will operate the lights and the other will operate sound.  If you require further technical support they Theatre will engage addition technicians on your behalf or, with the approval of the technical coordinator, you may be permitted to supplement by providing your own technicians. Ie: to run video, act as ASMs backstage, etc

For performances, you are required to have 1 Front of House Manager and a minimum of ushers. 

  • The Front of House Manager must be present 1 hour 15 minutes prior to curtain until 30 minutes following the show. 
  • The ushers present 1 hour prior to curtain until 30 minutes following the show. 

Safety requirements:  Steel-toed shoes must be worn by all persons present in the theatre during load-in / set-up / technical work calls / painting. 

Hard hats are required by all persons present in the theatre up to and including the lighting hang.  The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) shall be enforced.  PPE is the responsibility of the Renter and their workers. Additional safety measures may be enforced at the discretion of the technical coordinator. 

Please note that only the staff of the theatre may work at heights.  If a renter has a current “Working at Heights” certification then they may also be approved to work on ladders or in the catwalk at discretion of the technical coordinator.

Scheduling notes: Labour charges billed will be based on actual time worked by staff.

Each call shall be a minimum of

  • four (4) hours for technicians
  • three (3) hours for Front of House staff
  • Staff are entitled to a paid fifteen (15) minute coffee break after two (2) hours worked
  • Staff will receive a sixty (60) minute meal break after five (5) hours work.  If you infringe upon the meal break you will be charged $50 per staff person
  • After 8 hrs of work personnel are billed out at one and one-half (1-1/2) times the contracted rate
  • Any work past midnight and before 6:00 am will be billed at one and one-half (1-1/2) times the contracted rate
  • The overnight turnaround time for staff is 11 hours. If you infringe upon the overnight turnaround you will be charged $50 per staff person. 
  • based on the Ontario Ministry of Labour Employment Standards. 
  • For work after midnight, staff will be paid for transportation home by taxi and the renter will be billed accordingly.

Ticketing:  Events can either be general admission or reserved seating. Ticketing must be handled by the Theatres at UWaterloo Box Office.


Seating Capacity


  • 717 - with seats on the thrust
  • 671 - without seats on the thrust

Orchestra level

  • 403 – with seats on the thrust
  • 357 – without seats on the thrust


  • 314 seats

Stage Surface is Masonite painted black.

PDF of Seating Map without Lift

PDF of Seating Map Full Capacity

Proscenium Opening

45’2” W x 20’0” H

13.7m x 6.1m

Teaser Min Trim



Tormentor Opening

Min: 30’0 Max: 44’0”

9.1m / 13.4m

Usable area US of Plaster Line (Approx.)

40’0” W x 30’0” D

12.2m x 9.1m

Usable Area DS of Plaster Line (Approx.)

35’0” W x 12’0” D

10.7m x 3.6

From Plaster Line:

Stage Depth



To Cyclorama



Depth of Dance Floor*



*Please see usable area measurements above.

From Center Line (Wings have a bare concrete finish.):

Edge of stage to SL



Edge of Stage to SR



Max Width to SL (Approx)



Max Width to SR (Approx)




SL Wing Area (Approx)

5’0” W x 30’0” D x 20’0” H

1.5m / 9.1m / 6.1m

SR Wing Area (Approx)

5’0” W x 30’0” D x 23’10” H

1.5m/ 9.1m /7.3m


Grid Height



Pipe Max Trim



Pipe Width

43’6” 13.2m

Pipe WLL

600 lbs 270 KG

GALA Lift System/Orchestra Pit (Apron):

GALA Lift system with programmable height settings. Height Range is from stage level (+0’0” /

+0m) down to pit level. (-12’0” / -3.6m)

  • GALA lift Dimensions: 38’/11.6m W (rear), 25’11”/7.9m W (front) x 11’5”/3.5m D
  • Below stage (lecture level): TBD
  • Below audience (orchestra Level): TBD
  • Pit is access through the 000 level (basement).
  • Accommodates approximately 25 orchestra/band members, depending on instrumentation.
  • Pit fence available, no pit cover/net.

Patron seating possible when at floor level, 41 seats.

**The Gala Lift system is not moveable during a performance.**


Loading Dock Height



Min Opening from Dock to Stage

9’6” W x 8’6” H

2.8m x 2.6m

Distance From Bay to Stage, approx.*



 *Through workshop

Dance Floor (Harlequin Gloss Reversible Black/Gray):

Approx. Usable Area:

40’0” L x 6’6” W (x5)

12.2m x 1.9m



  • Christie HD14k-M
  • Christie LX66


  • Long Throw Lens for Christie HD14K-M
  • Short Throw Lens for Christie HD14K-M

Video switching & playback equipment:

  • Roland VR-50HD Video Switcher
  • iMac Mini w/ QLab 5 for video and audio playback

Program Video:

  • Stage Left
  • Main dressing room HH 158


Circuitry Overview:

  • FOH patch bay and other electrical USR
  • The dimmer racks are on the SR side of the trap room.
  • The only DMX control point is in the lighting booth.
  • Please note that there are two styles of twist-lock for lighting. Everything except for the onstage floor pockets has a 20A 125V connector, whereas the stage pockets have an old-style connector with the ground prong tab points out except for in.
  • Even numbered dimmers are on SR, and odd numbers are on SL.

Dimmer Breakdown

194 confirmed circuits


  • 232 Strand CD80 @ 2.4kW
  • 2 Strand CD80 @ 6.0kW

Onstage Circuits (36):

  • Floor pockets (9x 4 circuits)

Onstage Overhead Circuits (12):

  • 6 dimmers each at the DS end of the fly rail and the SR onstage cat, on the back of the prosc.

Onstage Drop Boxes: (116 dimmers from Grid):

  • 15 drop boxes that come down from the grid.
  • Tormentor Pipes are 6 dimmers each side in their own drop.
  • 74 dimmers across 13 drops for the rest of the stage.

Apron (16):

  • 8 dimmers on a raceway for each of the apron pipes.

Front of House (56):

  • 56 dimmers across 3 catwalks.
  • Please note the significant lack of Edison circuits in the FOH.

Follow Spot Booth:

  • There are two specialty follow spot hookups for the Altman Satellite 1 fixtures.

Lighting console:

  • ETC Ion xe, 4 universes

Rosco gels available. Please contact Technical Coordinator for specific gel numbers

Rosco Metal Gobos: Standard selection of gobos. Please contact Technical Coordinator for specific gobo design

Fixture Inventory (house plot):

  • 4 ETC S4 10-deg
  • 10 ETC S4 19-deg
  • 7 ETC S4 26-deg
  • 19 ETC S4 26-deg
  • 15 Altman 6” Fresnel 750W w/barn doors
  • 15 ADJ Pro 12HEX
  • 2 ETC Zoom 15/30
  • Halogen RGB Cyc lighting Fixture Inventory (overflow):
  • 15 Altman 6” Fresnel
  • 10 ETC S4 Parnel
  • 10 ETC S4 36-deg


Audio Console:

  • Midas Venice 24-ch Mixing console


  • 4 Shure SM58
  • 4 Line-6 Handheld Microphones
  • 3 Line-6 Wireless body-pack Transmitters
  • 4 Lapel Mics
  • 3 Shure ULD Handheld Microphones
  • 3 Shure ULD Wireless body-pack Transmitters
  • 2 Pyle double over-the-ear headset microphones
  • 2 Mono D.I. Boxes

Microphone Stands:

  • 4 Tripod stand with boom, silver
  • 5 Round base with boom, silver


  • Clear-Comm Base Station with 6 wireless packs & headsets

Main PA (8):

  • 4 left and 4 right; JBL VRX932LA-1. 12" two-way Line array Front Fill (2):
  • JBL VRX928LA 8" Two-way line-array

Onstage Monitors (2):

  • JBL VRX928LA 8" Two-way line-array

Subs (3):

  • JBL VRX918S 18" subwoofer

Other speakers:

Floor Monitors are available upon request and depending on availability. Please contact Technical Coordinator for requests.

Electrical Infrastructure and Receptacles of Note

Downstage Right - 150A 3 phase 110/208V 60Hz. Camlock tails required. Offstage Right, in the shop - 100A 3 phase 110/208V 60Hz. Camlock tails required. MSR on the column, in between arbors - 4 pin twistlock. Exact Specifications TBC. Onstage wall of the shop, 4 pin twistlock - Exact Specifications TBC.

Two unknow 3 pin connectors for the follow spots in their booth - Exact plug specifications TBC. Dressing room 294 has a lot of 20A Edison circuits.

Around the House, in the balcony and in the lobby - old style twist lock plugs.

Orchestral Equipment


  • 1 Steinway 9’ Concert Grand Piano
  • 1 Heintman Upright piano for rehearsal

Music Stands:

  • 10 Regular Black Stands
  • 10 Music Stand Lights

Band Shell:

  • 10 Wenger portable choir shell pieces


  • 1 Conductor Podium @ 6” high
  • 5 4’ x 8’ @ 8” black box risers
  • 3 4’ x 8’ @ 8” Aluminum risers