Studio 180 Technical Specs


As the space doubles as a classroom in the daytime, the space must be kept completely clear, i.e., all props and set elements must be put away each night and neatly stored in a pre-determined area as part of the tech call.

Rental clients are asked to provide a detailed production schedule 6 weeks prior to load in. They will also be asked to fill out a Production Questionaire intended to communicate all technical requirements.  

As this is a Black box theatre, you may set up in any configuration you wish as long as fire safety regulations are maintained. Seating and stage configurations need to be approved by the Technical Director 6 weeks prior to load in or prior to tickets going on sale, whichever is first. The Renting Company shall also ensure the Theatre is returned to its neutral state, or as outlined in the signed agreement.

* A site visit is recommended to any persons new to this venue.

Electronic and Print versions of the venue ground plan are available from the Technical Director.  

The Lighting Designer must supply Lighting Plot to the Technical Director 4 weeks prior to load in. 

Entrances:  There are two (2) entrances into the space – one from lobby area and one from Student Hub side of the room. The second entrance is used as the main entrance for audience members.

Fire Regulations:  Exit signs must be illuminated and visible to the general public at all times.  Fire pull stations must be unobstructed and visible or their location clearly indicated via signage and accessible to all staff members and the general public at all times.

An unobstructed path to all Emergency exits must be maintained.  A clear path of not less than 4’ must be maintained between the first row of the audience and any scenery or equipment other than that which is permanent construction.

Loading Doors:  There is a loading dock on right hand side of building at same level as stage.  Loading dock is approximately 50’ from space.  Entrance into the space is through a single door.

Parking: There is no Parking available in the loading dock. For the purpose of load-in and delivery, provisions are allowed for a vehicle near the loading access.

Personnel:  Crew consists of qualified students and local technicians. You are required to have at least (1) one technician to run all the shows.  They are billed at $30/hr. You are only required to have a technician when any technical work is happening (i.e., set install, lighting hang and focus, tech runs, dress rehearsal and shows).

For performances, you are required to have 1 Front of House Manager and 2 ushers. The Front of House Manager is billed at $20/hr and must be present 1 hour 15 minutes prior to curtain until 30 minutes following the show.  The ushers are charged at $16/hr and must be present 1 hour prior to curtain until 30 minutes following the show. 

Safety requirements:  Steel-toed shoes and long pants must be worn by all persons present in the theatre during load-in / set-up / technical work calls / painting. 

Hard hats are required by all persons present in the theatre up to and including the lighting hang.  The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) shall be enforced.  PPE is the responsibility of the Renter and their workers


Seating Capacity: Flexible seating configurations up to 57 chairs. 2 seats needs to be reserved for usher. Department owns to following risers for seating:

  • 2 = 3’ x 3’
  • 1 = 3’ x 2’9”
  • 9 = 3’ x 8’ + 1 with a chevron cut out to go around column
  • 3 = triangles
  • 8 = railings

Seating options [TBA]

Stage Dimensions:  

  • 27’7” deep x 46’9” wide (See floor plan for specifications)
  • Height of grid is 8’ 7 ½” from stage level

Venue:  Scenery may be fastened to the floor via screws or lag bolts no larger than 3/8” diameter.  The walls are concrete.  No scenery shall be attached/fastened to the building walls.



  • ETC Nomad on Mac Mini (uses USB for Memory)
  • 1 – 10” monitor 

Strand CD80 dimmer: 

  • 24 at 2.4k
  • 12 at 2.4K

Circuits are distributed equally around the space in groups of 4.
House lights are run off a separate dimming circuit

House lights:  

  • 12 metal hanging lamps (u-ground) with 40w bulbs.  
  • Can be hung wherever you need them to be. 
  • Circuits for the house lights are marked on the lighting plot.
  • 11 x extensions 15A Twistlock 

Booth Location:  

  • Left hand side of the room.  Entrance through dressing room in HH168.
  • A screen unit can be put on the booth window to lessen the light bleed from the operators. 

Luminaries Inventory:
(subject to availability, please confirm desired fixtures with the technical coordinator):  

  • 12 – ETC Source Four Juniors
  • 14 – Altman 6” Fresnels – 500w
  • 6 – Source Four Junior gobo holders
  • 9 – 6” Barn doors
  • 1 – floor float
  • Gel frames for each fixture

* No colour gel inventory, limited gel may be supplied upon request subject to availability * 

A variety of 20A Twist Lock, 3pin, and 5pin DMX cable is available. Please confirm with the technical coordinator that your lighting plot can be accommodated with the current available inventory.  

Various Goo:                                    

  • 1 circuit tester
  • 6 black U-ground Extension cords (115V)
  • 2 orange U-ground Extension cords (115V)
  • 2 power bars
  • 2 x halogen work lights
  • 5 clip lights
  • Tie-line



  • Booth location.
  • Program sound available in booth

Control and Processing: 

  • Yamaha MG206C 20-channel board  
  • Built-in compression


  • 4 – EV speakers ZXA1 (self-powered)
  • Re-locatable (there is no house position)

Playback Devices: Mac Mini Qlab playback computer 


  • 1 – Clearcom – 2 Channel Power supply                                           
  • 4 – headsets with Belt packs

A variety of  XLR, ¼" TRS, and power cables are available. Please confirm with the technical coordinator that your audio equipment cabling needs can be accommodated with the current available inventory. 

Mics & stands:
(other microphones and stands may be made available upon request subject to availability) 

  • 1 x SM 58
  • 1 adjustable boom stand


  • Yamaha Electric Piano P-200 with 2 foot pedals (available upon request subject to availability) 

Drapes and Equipment

Soft goods:
A small inventory of borders and legs appropriate for the space can be made available. Please inquire with the Technical Coordinator how best to meet your needs.  


  • 1 x Adjustable 6’ A-frame ladder
  • 1 x 3-step folding ladder


  • 1 x 7’3” wide roll-up hanging projection screens 
  • 1 x ground supported classroom projector setup  

Various Goo:                                    

  • 22 stacking black chairs with chrome legs
  • 11 black acting cubes
  • 1 rolling double-sided whiteboard
  • 60 red stacking audience chairs
  • 18 folding metal chairs (black and grey)