Studio 180 Staffing Requirements

Staffing Breakdown Information

Technical Staff (minimum call length 4hrs)

Studio 180 requires a minimum of 2 technical staff with one of those being the Lead Technician. The Technical Coordinator will determine the number of staff necessary to support the technical requirements of the event.

Front of House Staff (minimum call length 3hrs)

Non-Ticketed/Ticketed Events - 1 House Manager & 2 Ushers

The Front of House & Box Office Manager will determine the number of staff necessary to support the event.

Length of Shift/Call

Once the minimum call is surpassed, billing will be based on hours worked.

All employees are entitled to a 1-hour meal break after 5 hours worked. There will be no stage access while our technical staff are on a meal break.

All clients are encouraged to plan meal breaks into their schedules and only move to the following options if necessary. Should you not wish to take a full hour meal break, with pre-approval from the Technical Coordinator, there are the following options.

  1. Shorten the meal break to 30 mins (must still happen on or before 5 hours worked) and either:
    • Order and provide staff with a meal of their choice, to be decided on at the beginning of the day and order through Skip the Dishes or Door Dash.
    • Pay a $50 per staff member meal penalty.
  2. Add an additional technician for a 4-hour minimum to rotate 1 hr breaks with the 3 technicians and continue working through.

After 8 hours worked staff will be billed one and one-half (1½) times the contracted rate.

Staff working on statutory holidays will be billed at two times the contracted rate.

A minimum of 11 hours of overnight rest is required from one day to the next. Infringing on this overnight rest period will result in a charge of $50 per staff member affected.

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