Parking Information

The Theatres at UWaterloo are situated on the sprawling campus of UWaterloo. The University's address is 200 University Avenue West.


Suggested parking lots for visitors of the Theatres at UWaterloo are Lot C and Lot H

Lot C - Visitors

  • Pay and Display
  • $7.00 per day.
  • Credit Card or exact change  ($1 and $2 coins)
  • Located at the intersection of University Avenue West and Seagram Drive. Access from Seagram Drive.

Lot H- Transponder Controlled/Reservations/Visitor

  • Gated, pay on exit.
  • Days: $3.00 an hour to a maximum of $14
  • After 6pm and weekends: $7.00
  • Visa, American Express, MasterCard or Debit
  • Located from Ring Road across from Hagey Hall.

*please note that visitor parking during the day is only allowed during non-co-op days.

When parking in Lot H expect long wait times exiting after a performance. Alternate parking suggestion is Lot C.

Accessible Parking

Humanities Theatre and Studio 180

  • Located at the side of Hagey Hall

Theatre of the Arts

  • Location between Modern Languages building and Dana Porter Library.
  • Access through Lot D located off of Ring Road, between Ira G Needles and Biology buildings.
  • Gated, pay on exit.
  • Days: $3.00 an hour to a daily maximum of $21.00.
  • After 4:30 and weekends: $7.00

*please note, if the parking indicates that it is full press the button for the attendant to request access.

Theatre of the Arts Parking Map

Theatre of the Arts parking map.

Humanities Theatre and Studio 180 Parking Map

Humanities Theatre Parking Map


Once you are on campus, it is a short walk to the theatre. There are signs to follow as you make your way from the ring road across from H lot.

  1. Walk up stairs towards Hagey Hall.
  2. Walk around Hagey Hall to the left of the building.
  3. Turn right and walk along back of Hagey Hall.
  4. Turn left and walk toward Modern Languages.  You will pass Arts Lecture Hall on your right.
  5. You will see a large bronze statue of a boar, the famed Porcellino. You have found the theatre.
  6. Enter the Modern Languages Building and walk down the hall to the theatre.