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Deng, H., and D. A. Clausi, "Advanced Gaussian MRF rotation-invariant texture features for classification of remote sensing imagery", 2003 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Madison, WI, USA, 2003. PDF icon advanced_gaussian_mrf_rotation-invariant_texture_features_for_classification_of_remote_sensing_imagery.pdf (428.59 KB)
Fieguth, P., "Hierarchical posterior sampling for Gauss-Markov random fields", 2003 International Conference on Image Processing, 2003. PDF icon hierarchical_posterior_sampling_for_gauss-markov_random_fields.pdf (330.69 KB)
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Fieguth, P., A. S. Willsky, D. Menemenlis, and C. Wunsch, "A general multiresolution approach to the estimation of dense fields in remote sensing", International Conference on Image Processing, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1996. PDF icon a_general_multiresolution_approach_to_the_estimation_of_dense_fields_in_remote_sensing.pdf (331.11 KB)