Francis Li


Alexander Wong

Research interests

My research interests are in 3D computer vision, image processing, and object recognition. I'm currently working on 3D reconstruction using low-cost hardware.

Research topics

Computer Vision

Research demos

VIP RGB-D Scene Flow


Conference papers

Li, F.E. LiM. J. ShafieeA. Wong, and J. S. Zelek, "Dense Depth Map Reconstruction from Sparse Measurements Using a Multilayer Conditional Random Field Modelpdf", Computer and Robot Vision, March, Accepted. Details

Chwyl, B.A. ChungF. LiA. Wong, and D. A. Clausi, "TIGER: A Texture-Illumination Guided Energy Response Model for Illumination Robust Local Saliencypdf", IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Accepted. Details

Li, F.M. J. ShafieeA. ChungB. ChwylF. KazemzadehA. Wong, and J. S. Zelek, "HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE MAP ESTIMATION VIA FULLY CONNECTED RANDOM FIELDS WITH STOCHASTIC CLIQUESpdf", International Conference on Image Processing, April, Accepted. Details

University of Waterloo

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