Replacement WatCard

Change of Status 

If your status with the university has changed (for example changed faculties, or gone from undergraduate to graduate) then you should have your WatCard updated. You will be required to return your previous WatCard and update your photo. 

Damaged WatCard

If your WatCard is not working due to damage or wear and tear, you will need to visit our service counter, in The Centre, NH, where our staff will inspect the condition of your WatCard. In all cases, you will need to surrender your damaged card to receive a replacement. The replacement cost of a damaged card will vary depending on the reason for damage:

Damage caused from normal wear and tear - No cost 

Intentional damage - $30

Examples of intentional damage include, hole punched in the card, burn marks on card, obvious bending of card, bite marks, etc.

Lost or Stolen WatCard

The first thing you should do when you lose your WatCard is deactivate your WatCard online to protect your account from fraudulent charges. If you find your card, you can easlily reactivate it online. Online reactivation only works for your most recent card, older cards can not be reactivated.

To replace a lost or stolen WatCard come into our service counter in The Centre, NH. We will check to see if your card has been turned in to the office. If it has been turned in, then it will be returned to you free of charge, after your identity has been verified.

To get a new WatCard, you will need:

  • Government issued photo identification
  • Lost card fee - $30

Online Learning WatCard 

If you are a student that is taking cousres through the Centre for Extended Learning or WatSpeed and you need to get a replacement WatCard you can request a new WatCard online. We will email you a PDF, with your WatCard information. The PDF contains your name, ID number, and library barcode but does not have a photo, and can not be used to access in person services. It is intended for use by those students who will not physically be on campus.

Students that can come to campus to pick up a WatCard are encouraged to do so as they can get a WatCard with their picture on it.

Alumni WatCard

If you have already been issued an Alumni WatCard but are in need of a replacement you can contact the Alumni Office to have a replacement card mailed to your registered address. Alumni WatCards distributed through the mail are sent without a photo.

If you need an Alumni WatCard with your photo then you must come into the WatCard service counter located The Centre, Needles Hall. This would apply to anyone looking to use their Alumni WatCard for access to recreation facilities on campus.

Regular hours:
Monday - Friday 
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Located in The Centre, Needles Hall.

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Phone: 519-888-4567, ext. 32751.