Student WatCard

Apply for your WatCard

This page is only for new undergraduate and graduate students who have never had a WatCard before. If you have had a WatCard previously please refer to the replacement card page for more details.

Application available starting July 15, 2020

Easy 3 step process:

  1. Before applying, update your preferred/chosen name on WatIAM
  2. Complete the application and upload your photo
  3. Follow instructions for WatCard pickup

Before starting your application

Ensure that your chosen/preferred name is correct in WatIAM. This is important, as your chosen/preferred name is used throughout systems at Waterloo and will be printed on your WatCard. This is a required step, even if your legal name is your preferred name. It can take up to 48 hours for preferred name changes to reach all systems, including WatCard.

Select the one that describes how you will be learning for fall 2020 term

Apply for your WatCard

Starting July 15, 2020, incoming first-year and graduate students can apply for their WatCard