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WatCard deposits charged to department account

This is a reporting form for WatCard Deposits charged to department accounts. 

Gifts may only be given when the reason for giving the gift supports the mission and values of the University, is permitted by University policy as well as any terms and conditions of the specific funding source, and is consistent with the principles of the Broader Public Sector guidelines.

Please provide the information below for funds provided to employees, students or visitors, in the form of a deposit to their WatCard account. These funds may be considered taxable income per the Canada Revenue Agency. Upon receipt of this form, Human Resources will assess the tax status report as appropriate.

Reporting is only required for WatCard deposits provided with University funds. Gifts given based on a voluntary collection from staff are not reportable and outside the scope of this form.

See the Gifts and Gift Certificates/Gift Cards Procedure and the giving of Honorariums for more information.

If requesting deposits, to more than 4 WatCard accounts, for a singular purpose, please email the Watcard Office a spreadsheet containing the Student ID #/WatCard #, First and Last Name.

Reporting form WatCard deposits charged to department account PDF (32.59kb)

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.