The Centre, Needles Hall

8:30AM - 4:30PM Monday-Friday

CLOSED LABOUR DAY - Monday, Sep 6, 2021

Apply now for your WatCard             

Incoming students that will be on campus this fall need to apply for your physical WatCard and upload your photo to be used on your card. We will not be taking photos in our office, you must apply in advance.

WatCard for fully online students

Waterloo students are required to have a WatCard when writing exams and for accessing online resources, including the library resources.

Students who can, should come to the WatCard office to have a photo WatCard created.

We realize that not all students can come to campus, so students that are fully online, registered through the Centre of Extended Learning or WatSpeed can request a PDF version of their WatCard information to be email to their University email address. The PDF contains your name, ID number, and library barcode but does not have a photo, and cannot be used to access in person services. It is intended for use by students who will not physically be on campus.

Centre for Extended Learning and WatSpeed students who have lost their WatCard can request a new card by submitting an online student replacement WatCard form.

For more information about online learning please visit the Centre for Extended Learning.