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Ranked among the top water research institutions in the world, the Water Institute is a leader in water research and education.

Distinguished by its commitment to 1) facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration, 2) inspiring innovation and 3) building international partnerships, the Water Institute is tackling some of the most complex water challenges of our time.

  1. Oct. 21, 2019Study: Rising emissions are turning arctic permafrost into carbon source

    Arctic regions have captured and stored carbon for tens of thousands of years, but a new study shows winter carbon emissions from the Arctic may now be putting more carbon into the atmosphere than is taken up by plants each year. 

  2. Oct. 16, 2019Water Institute and the University of São Paulo continue collaboration with groundwater security workshop
    Sao Paolo

    On October 7-8, the Water Institute was pleased to host several colleagues from the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil to participate in a workshop that addressed various water security issues facing the Guarani Aquifer. The Guarani Aquifer, which is under increasing threat from deforestation, urbanization and climate change, is the second largest aquifer in the world and is a critical source of freshwater for the megacity of São Paulo.

  3. Oct. 8, 2019Sustainable design wins award and will be showcased at Expo 2020 in Dubai

    Water Institute member Elizabeth English was awarded first place in the sustainable products category of the Architecture MasterPrize Product Design Award for her Buoyant Foundation Project of which she is the founder and director.

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  1. Oct. 24, 2019WaterTalk: Water’s big infrastructure: From debt-led development to financialization
  2. Oct. 25, 2019Understanding Macroalgal Blooms in Freshwater Ecosystems

    Understanding Macroalgal Blooms in Freshwater Ecosystems
    Presented by 
    Dr. Andrea Kirkwood

  3. Nov. 4, 20192019 Darcy Lecture

    2019 Darcy Lecture

    John Doherty
    Watermark Numerical Computing

    Dancing with Models - The Importance of Model Partner Software

    Monday, November 4, 2019
    DC 1302 at 2:30 p.m.
    Everyone Welcome

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