Michele-Lee Moore

Adjunct professor
Michele-Lee Moore

Michele-Lee Moore is an assistant professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Victoria where she leads the Water, Innovation, and Global Governance lab based at the Centre for Global Studies. Michele-Lee is one of the faculty responsible delivering the Rockefeller Global Fellowship Program, and has previously helped deliver modules for the Graduate Diploma on Social Innovation.

She is a former McConnell Fellow in Social Innovation at Social Innovation Generation SiG@Waterloo, where she led a number of projects that examined the role of networks, social finance, and public policy in supporting social innovation.


Currently, her research is focused on two main areas:

1) Examining Canada's contributions to global water governance and innovation, and 

2) Building capacity for water governance innovation in Canadian watersheds.

The latter increasingly focuses on watersheds where both intensive resource extraction activity is occurring or planned, and where the rights and titles of Indigenous nations have not been historically recognized in water governance arrangements. 

This work draws heavily, although not exclusively, on the theoretical concepts of resilience, social-ecological systems, transitions management, and networked governance. 

Selected publications


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Book Chapter

Moore, M-L., Westley, F.R., Tjornbo, O. and C. Holroyd. 2012. The Loop, the Lens, and the Lesson: Using resilience theory to examine public policy and social innovation. Chapter 3 in: Nicholls, A., and Murdock, A. (eds) (2012). Social Innovation. UK: Palgrave MacMillan.