Web Dev Rev wrap-up for April 20, 2018

WCMS Web Dev RevThis week's Web Dev Rev had some special guests, so we flipped the order and started with some presentations.

First up, Edward Van Nguyen and Jameson Cox demonstrated their new custom module “UW Conditional Rulesets”. This started as a module specifically for “Find Your Edge” but it was refactored to be more generically usable (and it's what's used now to power Find Your Edge). The module expands the use of Webform Conditionals and Components to allow users to create buckets of results to be randomly picked using tokens and conditionals. Edward and Jameson walked through an example of how to use the module, using a "random food generator" as an example.

Afterwards, Ricardo Alburquerque and Andrew Brunet showed their self-assessment tool that was built using the functionality provided by the UW Conditional Rulesets module, which is expected to be published later in the spring term/early fall on the co-op site.

Next, we moved on to the Web Dev Rev notes. Since last week's scheduled Web Dev Rev had to be cancelled, and the previous two weeks weren't held due to a staff conference and a holiday, there were quite a lot of notes to go through.

We began with follow-up notes on the Drupal security issue noted at the previous Web Dev Rev session (and a reminder that IST's WCMS servers have all been patched):

A new vulnerability was announced (and we noted that IST's WCMS servers do not run the vulnerable code):

Then we discussed some notes coming out of the recent DrupalCon Nashville:

And then some general Drupal-related notes:

Finally, we had the "general" web development notes:

After the presentations and the notes, we were out of time. Why not join us for the next Web Dev Rev? It'll be on Friday, April 27th, in EC2 1021 (Millennium) at 11:00am.