WiCS Study Room

WiCS Study Room (DC 3150)

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Location: DC 3150, is located on the walkway between DC and MC. The room is for all WiCS students*

Purpose: The WiCS Study Room opened in August 2022. The purpose of the room is to be a meeting place where WiCS students know they can meet and study with other WiCS students, making it easier for WiCS students to find like-minded peers and role models. As a secondary benefit, the room also serves as a space where WiCS students can take a short break from being in the minority. 

Visitors to the WiCS Study Room are expected to adhere to the WiCS Code of Conduct 

Instructions on how to get the combination to the room are forthcoming! 

Take a look at the brand new WiCS Study Room and read about some of the features that you will have access to when using the room!

Room Features:

  • Full-Size Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Kitchenette with cabinetry for supplies
  • formal study space (2 work tables and 8 chairs)
  • informal study space (high-backed sofa and stools that can serve as additional seating or as side tables).
  • Coming Soon: Whiteboards
  • Coming Soon: 2 monitors
  • Coming Soon: Projection Screen

When do you need to book the room?

You do not need to book the WiCS study room to study in it!! You only need to book it for specific private group events. 

The primary purpose of the room is to be a study room that is generally available to WiCS students on a drop-in basis, so bookings will be kept to a minimum. The room may be booked for official WiCS events. Other requests that will be considered include: WiCS study sessions for students in a particular course (e.g., midterm or exam study sessions), or requests for meetings/events run by WiCS students representing an intersectional underrepresented population.

Bookings will not be allowed during lunchtime (11:30-1:30).

Some examples of events which require you to book off the room are the following:

  • Movie nights 
  • Large study group cramming sessions
  • Class-specific group study sessions
  • Gaming Nights (board games, video games etc.)

Any events like these which are specific group events require booking, individual study sessions do not require booking! That being said always check the calendar below to ensure that the room is free for you to study in.

How to book the study room for an event:

Please follow the steps below to book the WiCS Study Room for an event:

  1. Make sure the event you are booking off fits in one of the categories or is similar to the events listed above.
  2. Check the WiCS Study Room Calendar below to make sure that the day on which you want to host your event the study room is free.
  3. Fill out the Study Room Booking Request Form below.
  4. Wait until your request is approved.
  5. Get the passcode for the study room & host your event!

To obtain the code, visit the Little WiCS office at MC 3029 during office hours*. During office hours, one of the Little WiCS Execs will briefly explain the code of conduct for the study room, and from there you will be able to scan the QR code to the Google form. Once the Google form has been successfully submitted, you will receive an automated email. 

The automated email will contain the:

  1. code of conduct
  2. terms and conditions the individual has agreed to abide by
  3. passcode to the study room
  4. contact information for WiCS.

*Little WiCS Office hours change every term, please click here to visit their website to find out what their current office hours are.

If you have any questions about booking the study room, please email WiCS Co-op at wicscoop@uwaterloo.ca

Study Room Booking Request Form:

WiCS Calendar:

 *Women, trans, gender-fluid, gender-queer, and non-binary students enrolled in computer science and related computing programs at the University of Waterloo.