About Women's Studies

About the program

Courses in Women's Studies provide valuable insights into critical gender relations in areas such as government, law, health care, leisure, education, religion and work. This broad-based approach to knowledge construction will allow you to apply your abilities in a wide-range of career choices in diverse areas such as Business, Criminology, Education, Engineering, Politics, Law, Medicine, Psychology, Recreation, and Social Work.

Our first-year courses familiarize students with the ways in which women have been historically disadvantaged in society, the types of positive changes that women have made, the important issues that affect women's lives today, and the ways in which gender intersects with race, class and sexuality.

Our second- and third-year courses offer students an in-depth engagement with topics taught in first year courses. Topics that are covered include the portrayal of women in media and popular culture; technology as a gender issue; the voices and experiences of immigrant women and women in non-Western cultures; and the growing importance of women in business.

Upper-year classes are small and encourage participatory forms of learning. Classes are interactive with class discussions and student participation. Students have the opportunity to discuss course materials with their professor and classmates and make connections to their everyday lives.

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Arts courses tackle gender issues from all angles

The Faculty of Arts is working to bring gender issues to the forefront by engaging students across a variety of disciplines. Details

Philosophy and Women's Studies  "Gender Issues" Course

Philosophy offers a course, cross-listed in Women’s Studies - Gender Issues (WS 222/PHIL 202) - that asks students to consider some of the deepest theoretical and practical questions about sex and gender.