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Gender and Social Justice

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Gender and Social Justice Program - Starting September 2019

Advocate for gender equality, social justice, and positive change.

Explore the ways society is shaped by gender. Be an advocate for equity, justice, and positive change. Learn the important role gender and sex play in all aspects of life. Over the course of your degree, you’ll develop a deep expertise in issues of gender, diversity, equality, and social justice.

You’ll be joining a highly-engaged group of students who are active members of their student society, department, and university as well as the student-led Women’s Centre, The Glow Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity, and the surrounding community.

First-year courses

September to December

GSJ 101 - Introduction to Gender and Social Justice: the Global North
Arts First requirement 1*
3 additional courses

January to April

Choose 2 from:
 • GSJ 102 - Introduction to Gender and Social Justice: the Global South
 • GSJ 201 - Gender and Social Justice in Popular Culture
 • GSJ 207 - Entrepreneurship, Gender and Social Justice
Arts First requirement 2*
2 additional courses

*The Arts First requirement consists of 2 first-year courses that are capped at 25 students: ARTS 130 - Inquiry and Communication and ARTS 140 - Information and Analysis. Instead of listening to a lecture and trying to capture notes, Arts First courses will have you and your classmates working together to respond to a challenge posed by the instructor.

After first year

40% of the classes you’ll take will be Gender and Social Justice courses. With your remaining classes, you can choose electives from many of the 100 subject areas at Waterloo.

Customize your Bachelor of Arts in Gender and Social Justice degree​

You can also add additional areas of interest and expertise by including a minor (or minors) as part of your degree.