Public Issues Anthropology graduate students receive the Sally Weaver Tuition Award

Thursday, November 25, 2021

This tuition award commemorates the accomplishments of Sally Weaver

Caitlin Brast 

Glazing Over Differences: Picuris Pueblo and Rio Grande Glaze Wares

Located in the northeastern corner of the Pueblo world, Picuris Pueblo exists on the fringe not only geographically, but also archaeologically. The archaeology of Picuris contains numerous opportunities for what is now New Mexico's smallest pueblo to celebrate and promote their heritage. However, much of the northern Rio Grande remains understudied and new research can highlight the unique cultures of this region. 

Sarah Tomkins 

Responsible Representation and Collaboration in Supporting Indigenous Maternal Health in Canada.

Honouring the sacredness of pregnancy, childbirth, and the early postpartum period has long been held as integral to the strength and celebration of Indigenous families and communities in Canada. Although the impacts of oppressive settler colonial systems have strained the connection to and practice of traditional approaches to these reproductive life stages, there are immense efforts under way by Indigenous midwives and birthing women to restore and reclaim what had been lost.

With an awareness of historical and current conditions of Indigenous maternal health, she explored how to best situate herself as a white settler anthropology researcher and maternal health practitioner, and how to support Indigenous maternal health in an equitable, anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and culturally safe manner. To prioritize accessibility, transparency, humility, and authenticity in her research project, she chose to focus on using complementary elements of auto ethnography and collaboration for her methods.