Course Override Form

A Course Override Form is required if:

  • you want to add a course and you don't have the prerequisites
  • there is a time conflict with a course you are enrolled in
  • the course is full
  • department consent is required for the course
  • you want to take a course during a Co-op Work Term
  • you want to take an extra course during an Academic Term

In the top section of the form, you need to complete your personal information. Next you must complete ALL Class Enrollment Information for the course that you want: Class #, Subject, Subject/Catalog # and Section # as well as listing a lab and/or tutorial (Class # and Section #) if applicable. These are Related 1 and Related 2 boxes on the form.

Grading Basis and Requirement Designation should only be completed if you are taking an extra course during your regular academic term or a course during your work term. If this is the case, you need to indicate either DRNA or NRNA across each of these columns.

  • DRNA: Degree Requirement, Not in Average will be used for courses that will count towards your degree.
  • NRNA: Not a Degree Requirement, Not in Average will be used for courses that you are taking for interest.

Then, if you require any Instructor Overrides you must obtain them, and then submit it to the Undergraduate Coordinator. If you only need an override from your department (e.g. unit load) then you submit it directly to the Undergraduate Coordinator.

Once an override is approved you should check Quest periodically to make sure that this has been done you should see that your course is added within a week. If there are any issues with it you will be contacted by the Undergraduate Coordinator.

For a course to be added during your enrollment appointment, the course override form (with all required signatures) must be submitted prior to the end of your enrollment appointment. It is your responsibility for obtaining the required professor overrides prior to submitting the override form.


  • drop core courses
  • send more than one override for the same course
  • submit an override if you can add the course through Quest
  • check off any of the override boxes