Rental Neighbourhoods

  • The studio is located in the neighbourhood of Trastevere and apartments can often be found nearby.
  • Other easily accessible neighbourhoods are: the Centro Storico, Testaccio, Monteverde, and Vaticano.

Average rental costs

In general, the closer you are to the studio, the more you will pay.

  • There are usually a few large apartments available from Richard Piccolo (+39/06-589-6766), the head of the Pratt Program, very close to the studio or even within the same building; these typically cost €600 per person per month ($900).
  • The lowest rental last year was an apartment in Monteverde, a 40-minute walk or a bus ride from the studio, for about €300 per person per month ($450).
  • A two-person Trastevere monolocale (one-room apartment) from an agency was about €1300 per month ($2,000).

When to start your search

A word of warning: Do not attempt to find an apartment in Rome in the period between August 15th and the beginning of September. If you want to arrive in Rome during this period, make sure you have a hotel room booked or an apartment already rented. The end of August can be very pleasant, if you have a place to stay. There are very few locals in the city, there's no traffic, lots of cultural events and it's not as hot as July.

  • September: people generally return to Rome and begin doing business, i.e. renting apartments.

Where to look

  • Pick up Wanted in Rome
  • Look for notices on bulletin boards in places near the studio.
  • Try the Corner Bookshop (Via del Moro)
  • The Open Door Bookshop (Via della Lungaretta),
  • Further away, the Economy Book Center (Via Torino, 136, Metro Repubblica) has a very popular bulletin board.
  • If you speak and/or understand Italian, pick up Porta Portese, a newspaper that carries only classified advertising

For Internet near the studio, try Baylon Cafè (Via di San Francesco a Ripa, 151) or Nick Nowego Cafe' (Via della Paglia, 6)

Further away, there is the very cheap Easy Everything at Piazza Barberini for Internet. 

For information on what’s happening in the city, get Rome C’è or Time Out Roma.

Helpful Italian phrases

If you can at least begin the phone conversation (to set up an appointment to see an apartment) in Italian, you've got more chance of being successful. Try using some key phrases like:

  • Posso vedere l'appartamento/la camera? (May I see the apartment/room?)
  • Quando? Stasera, domani... (When? This evening, tomorrow...)
  • Sono a Roma per quattro mesi - fino alla fine di Dicembre. (I will be in Rome for 4 months - until the end of December.)
  • Quanto e' l'affito al mese? (How much is the rent per month?)
  • Grazie, prego, ciao, a domani, a stasera... (Thank you, you're welcome, ciao, until tomorrow, until this evening...)

Rental Websies & Agencies


The information below was gathered through a student survey initiated on April 12, 2007 by the School of Architecture. The following are student suggestions for finding accommodation, places to live, and places to look.

The School of Architecture has not vetted these properties and takes no responsibility for their condition or continued availability.

  • Richard Piccolo: he has multiple places to rent including: above the school, 12 Via del Cipresso, 118 Vaile de Trastevere.
  • Bureaucratic Service Centre Rome: Tel./Fax 00-39-(6)7236559, Mobile 00-39-347-0603556.
  • Roma Craiglist: has a lot of listings in English, but is directed mainly to tourists, and therefore prices can be high.
  • Iniziative Didattiche e Commerciali s.r.l.: This website is mainly for vacationers looking for short-term housing; however they are open to longer periods. Amadeo was the contact we dealt with. He was very nice and spoke English.
  • Amy CastaldoTel. +39-328-4099-687 - (agent but no commission) - places also in Monte Verde on top of the Giancolo - 20 minute walk from the school.
  • Wanted in Rome 1; This is an English language magazine in Rome, with listings for rent, short lets, and sharing. When I first moved to Rome I used the free "Wanted in Rome" ads to find a roommate.
  • Easy Stanza
  • Studenti: This site is dedicated to student accommodation. The above link takes you to the English version of the page, which has a brief vocabulary of useful Italian words and their translations. You can also place an 'apartment wanted' ad of your own on this website.
  • Studio Fori: has photos of the apartments. It's very expensive agency but sometimes you can find a good deal.
  • International Initiatives Company - Housing Service: rental in Rome, for students and tourists.
  • Viva Street: very helpful website, lots of rooms to share and  apartments to rent. The website is in Italian.
  • Long Term Rents: lots of offers but no photo or price.
  • Expatriates: Apartments/Flats and Housing - good website.
  • Rome Power: short-term and long term rentals in the centre of Rome.


In addition to rental websites you may want to consider looking at agencies to find accommodations.

  • Rome Sweet Rome
  • Iniziative Didattiche e Commerciali
  • MP Immobiliare (you need to contact them directly about prices)
  • Wanted in Rome
  • Affitto Appartamenti a Roma (Go to the quick links, some of which are in English)
  • Agency Selecta: Via della Scala 71, Tel. 06/5882886 or 06/5881548 (near the studio)
  • Agency Shortlets: Via Zucchelli 26, Tel. 06/48905897 (near Piazza Barberini)
  • Agency No Name Rental Agency: Tel. 06/40500277 or 06/40500777 Simona Di Gianvito is our contact (mobile 347/1764966)
  • Roman Rentals: run by an expatriate theatre director. Email Gaby Ford to see if there's anything available.

**If there are no prices for monthly rentals, you can contact the agency and ask what the monthly rates would be. They are not based on the weekly rates you see.

If you still don't have a place when school begins, we will help you by making phone calls and taking you to see places if absolutely necessary.