The normal course load for 4A is studio plus 3 electives. The Rome term is one in which all the courses work together in a synthesis, each providing one vital piece of the puzzle for you. The focus of the term is the relationship between the building and the city.

Each of the support courses, ARCH 428, ARCH 446, and ARCH 449, provides a different layer of the depth of background you will require in order to learn the parameters for designing in the European urban context, a very different approach from the North American model.

We strongly recommend that you elect to take all three courses, as these offer 'local' strategies and skills relevant to your projects in the Design Studio, including settlement and siting considerations, infrastructure, mapping, cultural history, urban form, public space, appropriate architectural language, temporality and adaptive reuse over time. Discussions at desk reviews and in critics will assume that all students are enrolled in the support courses as these courses form the basis for assuming to design in this unique historic urban setting.

The field trips are mandatory if you are enrolled in the corresponding elective course, so please budget accordingly.