The Waterloo studio

Studio space

The Waterloo program is blessed with a unique studio space. The apartment, far larger and much more spacious than its predecessors, is located on the main floor of a 17th century palazzo at the east end of Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere. This square is free of vehicular traffic and is the centre of one of the most lively and characteristic areas in Rome.

The studio has space for up to 50 students and a second apartment on the 3rd floor has been rented to accommodate the large numbers of students coming to Rome since 2014. The Piazza S. Apollonia space has an office (which holds our small collection of books), a lecture room, 4 studio rooms and a computer/crit room. Several computers with a high-speed Internet connection are available for student use in this room.

A shared environment

As is generally the case with Roman palazzi, ours is a mixed-use building. A famous restaurant (Sabatini) occupies the ground floor, while the Waterloo studio shares the main floor with several residential units. There are mezzanine apartments and very sensitive tenants below some parts of the Waterloo Studio.

These conditions require respect for the rights of the building's other inhabitants. Noise must be kept to a minimum in the studio and stairwell, especially at night. Italian law states that no undue noise is to be made after eleven o'clock at night. This means that the police may be called if noise continues after this time. For this reason, the studio officially closes at 11.00 pm.

Every student will have keys to the studio and therefore, access at all times. This privilege carries with it the necessity of behaving responsibly and safely. You must be very careful who you let into the building and the studio. Be certain doors are closed and locked behind you when you come in and leave.

Mail may be directed to the studio address, giving the student’s name c/o Waterloo and the address above.

Studio Resources & Rules

Studio resources


  • There are a few older iMac workstations available to the students. 
  • In 2020, 6 PC’s for student use have been purchased.
  • Students will not be able to install software on the workstations. Since access to computers is limited, we ask the students to be co-operative in their use.


  • The main studio unit 7 and new studio unit 11 are equipped with high-speed Internet access. This connection supports the student workstations and student notebook computers.
  • The internet is hardwired, desk will be assigned to all students with a network cable. Please bring your own adapter. No wifi access keep the internet speed at a max!
  • You will not be able to download music or video in the Rome studio. Bring anything you plan to watch on an external drive or DVDs. There is insufficient bandwidth and priority must be given to academic research.

Scanner & Printer

  • There is an A3/A4 sized black & white photocopier that is connected to the workstations, to be used as a printer/scanner as well. You will need to purchase your own paper; A3 and A4 paper will be available at the best price in the office.
  • Please be responsible with use of ink and paper.

Digital projector

  • There are 2 digital projectors available for use in the studio. Students can sign it out by speaking with the Programme Administrator.

Studio rules


  • Keep noise to a minimum, especially at night. This includes in the studio, on the stairs and outside the front door of the building. If you are chatting in a group, move into the piazza, rather than standing around at the front door.


  • The studio closes (on the honour system) at 11:00 pm and you should leave (quietly) before or at that time. You may know, our presence in the building is at stake, as one of the tenants below has already successfully sued for damages related to noise after 11:00 pm and is pressing to force us out of the building.

Building Safety

  • Never, ever leave heavy, sharp or dangerous objects on or near window ledges or use them to prop windows open. In the past, we have had a rock fall and ruin one of the restaurant's umbrellas and a T-square narrowly miss a baby.
  • Never leave the studio door open and do not let strangers into the studio.


  • Measures to prevent transmission of COVID-19 are being taken very seriously. Please, clean your hands frequently, cough or sneeze into your elbow, keep a safe social distance, keep a portable hand sanitizer with you. Wear a mask if social distancing is not possible. Further rules will be explained once in Rome.
  • Do not bring "interesting junk" into the studio; why not take it home instead?
  • Find out which two days of the week the cleaners come in and make sure you do not leave anything on the floor around your desk on those days (cleaning is usually done between 6:00 am and 8:00 am in the morning).

Phone calls

  • You may receive telephone calls at the Waterloo studio number.
  • If you need to set up a skype call for job interviews please ask Frauke for advice.


  • Smoking is not permitted in the studio. Please go for a walk in the Piazza!