Paths to Practice Employer Live Chats

Tuesday, October 6, 2020 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm EDT (GMT -04:00)
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Paths to Practice is an event hosted by the School of Architecture and Co-operative and Experiential Education to bring together students, professionals, faculty, and co-operative education in exploration of current Architectural practice and employment opportunities.

Tuesday October 6 - Architecture49, MCM, Norm Li & WalterFedy

Architecture49 boasts a history spanning over half a century of profoundly significant contributions to cities and communities across Canada and beyond. Our people share a depth of experience in designing award winning, high-profile projects around the globe.  Architecture49 is a distinctly Canadian Practice which strategically brought together some of our country’s most accomplished and respected architectural firms.  We have united under the Architecture49 brand and are commitment to design and deliver high quality projects that are informed by regional context and guided by national best practice. 

From 12 offices coast to coast, we navigate a broad spectrum of urban and rural contexts and respond to the unique character of the various regions, while maintaining a consistent vision of collaboration, quality, and creative design.  Our philosophy is to strive for creative solutions while respecting contextual concerns and achieving technical excellence. We seek to be innovative without being trendy, to be responsive to the client and responsible to the community. 

Our approach to the design and planning process reflects a commitment to the pragmatic exploration of real issues – of sustainability and practicability; of functionality and beauty – and we believe that exploration of issues is facilitated through collaboration. The result is spaces that satisfy client requirements, both now and long after the completion of the project. 

Established in Toronto in 1988 as a privately owned and operated firm, MCM is a  leader in custom millwork and fabrication. Evolving facilities and processes integrate state of the art equipment with skilled craftsmanship, aggressive delivery schedules, and precise execution to produce projects to the highest standard. Working with leading architects, designers, and corporations, we build custom environments for national and international  brands and institutions. 

Based in Toronto, Canada, Norm Li creates visual content for the Real Estate Development, Architecture and Design industry. Equipped with strong architectural backgrounds and design sensibilities, our team of artists specialize in providing Renderings, Animation, Photography, Video, Interactive and VR solutions that get buy in, instill stakeholder confidence and get our partners the green light to put shovels in the ground.  

WalterFedy is a dynamic, integrated design firm delivering creative solutions and practical built environments. Since our inception in 1951, we have continued to learn, adapt, and evolve to best serve our clients. In 1970, we became one of Canada’s first integrated design firms in order to deliver a level of coordination and team commitment not served by the traditional project model. 

Today, our expertise includes architecture; mechanical, electrical, structural, and civil engineering; energy and carbon solutions; asset and facilities management; project management; and construction management through our sister company, AEC.  

WalterFedy designs reflect the client. Our goal is to create inspiring designs that enrich communities, empower end-users, and promote a more sustainable existence. We create spaces that promote a sense of belonging, balance, and wellness. 
But first, we must listen, observe, and understand.    

Our design process begins by internalizing the values, processes, needs, and vision of our partners so we can craft a space that captures their essence and intent. Collaboration is an essential part of this process. We come together as an integrated team with our clients as partners and allies, helping them discover the potential in their space, while still adhering to budgets, timelines, sustainability goals, and site requirements. 

Our business is about more than just delivering exceptional projects. We also believe that we have a responsibility to care for the communities in which we live and work. We are actively involved as volunteers and sponsors in Waterloo Region, Hamilton-Niagara Region, the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, because we know the more we put into our community, the stronger it will be. It is important for us to support our community the same way they have supported us for nearly seven decades. 

Paths to Practice is sponsored by the Ontario Association of Architects and Co-operative & Experiential Education.