Architecture Virtual Open House

Saturday, November 7, 2020 8:00 am - 4:00 pm EST

image of student portfolios in the Loft

Join us Saturday, November 7 to learn more about the School of Architecture! Check out presentations throughout the day and ask questions to students, faculty and staff.

Breakout Sessions

9:00 am - Architecture Program Information
Presented by Director Anne Bordeleau

1:00 pm - Architecture Admissions Process
Presented by Admissions Chair Rick Andrighetti

LIVE Q & A Sessions

9:30 am - 3:00 pm

Visitors are able to join the live Q & A sessions to ask questions throughout the day.

At the below listed times, there will a short presentation followed by a directed Q & A for each of the session topics.

10:00 am - Design Studio and Studio Culture
What is design studio within the School of Architecture?
Presented by Anne Bordeleau, Rick Andrighetti and students Kelsey and Isabel

11:00 am - What it is like to be an Architecture student - in school and on co-op
Learn more about student life and experiences at the School of Architecture and while on co-op
Presented by Anne Bordeleau, Jonathan Enns and students Leela and Michelle

12:00 pm - More than Design at Architecture school
Learn about the comprehensive curriculum that Waterloo Architecture offers encompassing Technology, fabrication, sustainability and environment courses
Presented by Maya Przybylski, David Correa and students Elizabeth and Marco

1:00 pm - First Year Parent Experience
What first year is like for a student, and the opportunity for parents to ask first year questions
Presented by Rick Haldenby, Terri Boake, alumnus Jason and staff Donna Woolcott

2:00 pm - Admissions Experience - Presentation, Portfolio and Précis
Learn more about the presentation, portfolio and précis
Presented by Rick Andrighetti, Robert Jan van Pelt, alumnus Jason and student Salina

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