Congratulations to the MArch graduates!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Waterloo Architecture community wishes to congratulate the 52 students who have completed their Master of Architecture degree. While we can't celebrate in person, the Class of Spring 2020 were sent a video of congratulatory messages from faculty, participated in a virtual toast (image below), and on June 20th joined the Class of 2020 Virtual Convocation Celebration.

Warm congratulations to all – we are so pleased to welcome your wonderful group to our growing family of alumni!

CLASS OF 2020 & THESIS TITLES (names link to abstracts & thesis defence information)

Daniel Abad - Six Empty Shells: Contextualizing the Aspirations of Mexican Modernity in the Tlatelolco Housing Complex Folusho Afun-Ogidan - VENICE OF LAGOS | Reviving the fishing culture in Makoko through Aquaponics
Siobhan Allman - For Every Line Casts A Shadow Timothy Baker - Burrowing through the Edifice
Michelle Bullough - Of the River: Unraveling Imaginaries of Water & Resilience
in Metro Manila
Robin Castonguay - Diving in: The architecture of urban lake swimming
Brian Chen - The Double Edge of Ironic Architecture Jonas Chin - Considering the surface: writings on people, occasion, space and place
Wesley Chu - Data, Debt, and Daemons- Systemic Asymmetries on Spaceship Earth Michelle Dingley - The Path Less Taken | The Intersection of Narratives and the Icelandic Landscape
Amal Dirie - Nomadic Passage: Water Conservation and Land Preservation Salim El Filali - GREY TO GREEN: 13 Gates to the Greenbelt
Zahra Falamarzi - Robotic Stacking: Structurally Informed Free-form Timber Structure System Using Standard and Non-standard Components Omar Ferwati - Fault Traces: Civilian Architectural Responses in the Syrian Civil War
Nicholas Frayne - Darkness Encountered in Light Geoffrey Gerstheimer - Aural Landscape: Composing an Urban Park 
Ammar Ghazal - Prosthetic Landscapes: Reclaiming the Iraqi marshes Vani Gopalkrishna - Empowering User Participation through Technological mediation | Rethinking Citizen Agency in the Quayside Public Realm
Maighdlyn Hadley - Hurry up and Wait: A spatial proposal for urban stress relief Evelyn Hofmann - Next Babylon, A Virtual Cartography of Utopia
Naeimehsadat Hosseininam - Re-contextualizing the Persian Garden Paradigm in Toronto as a platform for supporting the Persian Cultural cultural identity Alexandra Hucik - When Nature Goes to School: A Green School Design for Milton, Ontario
Pegah Jafari - Let the Child Be | Children, Play & Space Jeremy Jeong - Obus: Intent & Inhabitation
Madiha Khan - Establishing a new foothold: an economic, social
and cultural model of integration for new Canadians
Luke Kimmerer - Building Big: Spanning Urban Infrastructure
Tanvi Kundliwal - Dharavi: merging boundaries Tak Leung - From Houses to Hillsides: Support for Adaptive Housing on Hong Kong’s Slopes 
Yina Li - The children in "orange" Leo (Ao) Liu - DYNAMIC VISUALIZATIONS | Developing a Framework for Crowd-Based Simulations
Kobi Logendrarajah - Supplements for Diplomacy | Revisiting the ‘South China Sea Marine Park’ Andrew Lord - The Value of Ornament: Cultivating Regionalism Through Adornment
Melika Mehdizadeh - MOCA gateway-sculpture garden Hannah Mete - Port Place Reconsidered: Genius Loci and the Renewal of Port Dalhousie
Ali Mohebali - Urban room: Dynamic reinterpretation of Toronto's urban voids Amirhesam Monshi - Teleportation: The Possible Leap
Richard Mui - PTAF- Polygon Tessellation to Approximate Frame. A method for the design and analysis of complex frames Julia Nakanishi - Finding a New Commons: Re-Inhabiting the School in Posturban Japan
Amanda Parkinson - A Reflection on Conservation  Andrea Quinn - AWAKENING BEAUTY: Meaning in Contemporary Catholic Architecture
Bahman Shafiee - Architectural Interpretation of Kiarostami’s Poetic Cinema Dishita Shah - Renewal of Chicago: Through Sustainable Urban Farming Practices and Systems-Thinking
Keegan Steeper - 55+ A Landscape for Intergenerational Living Shanne Stines - Fragments of Sobriquet: A Personal Exposition of Difference

Hayley Sykes - A Tool, a Room, a House, a Village: Urban Cottages for Domestic Crafting

Alireza Taghipoor - The Story of the Hands: On Earth and Community
Kexin Tan - Tian-jing: Hunan skywell compounds in modern China Cynthia Tang - Tracing the Last Mile: Mobility, Urbanization, and the Journey Home in China’s Spring Festival Golden Week
Nathan Wang - Reimagining Concrete: A Material First Design Approach Rui Wang - A journey to the inner peace of your heart, modernization of traditional chinese buddhist temples
Nina Wang - Re-drawing the Line: Explorations of Reimagined Spatial Organization in Conflicted Interspecies Territories Joanne Yau - A Seat at My Table 

image of virtual toast zoom call

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