Edward WooHyun Chung's FuwaFuwa Series receives attention at the Toronto Interior Design Show

Monday, January 27, 2020


image of FuwaFuwa Series
image of FuwaFuwa Series

The Fuwafuwa Series are experimental and unique furniture made with translucent corrugated plastic paired with light-toned oak wood. The corrugated plastic is a material that is commonly used for commercial signs, political promotions and for making containers or packaging. This material has generally been used functionally but rarely recognized as an aesthetic material. As the corrugation already provides a durable structure and has characteristics of lightness, it has the potential to become an aesthetically pleasing and sensible furniture piece. The translucent feature of the material in FuwaFuwa Series presents ambiguity and subtraction from our vision through optical diffusion.
From this subtraction, eyes are naturally drawn to the serenity in the material texture of oak wood. When the furniture is used, it advises being in a state of calm attentiveness. 

Graduate student Edward WooHyun Chung exhibited the Fuwafuwa Series at IDS 2020: Studio North, Prototype Section.

Edward received a love tag from the Designlines Magazine editor for the best product at the show and has been featured in the media: "These are a Few of our Favourite Things - Interior Design Show 2020" from Designlines Magazine and "What Caught our Eye on the Opening Day of IDS Toronto" from Interior Design Magazine in New York.

Congratulations Edward!


image of Fuwafuwa series