A new exhibition of student work created in ARCH520 - Material Syntax and coordinated by Assistant Professor David Correa is on view at the Canadian Clay and Glass Museum from February 3 to April 7, 2024.

University of Waterloo Architecture students test how building facades of the future can be 3D printed with clay. Inspired by nature, ancient architectural traditions and new technology, the students develop new methods and processes that re-envision the clay masonry unit.

Working with a state-of-the-art large-volume clay extrusion 3D printer, Assistant Professor David Correa’s students set out to explore how this highly used building material can be re-envisioned for the future. This fabrication tool allows for an unprecedented level of design freedom when compared with conventional brick-making methods, while still engaging the material properties and characteristics of traditional clay.

The exhibition includes multiple undergraduate and graduate student projects that test the new architectural qualities of 3D printed facades, where each clay brick can be unique. The projects include a wide range of playful wall systems, ornamental and light-modulating cladding systems, as well as rainscreen and solar-shading facades.

Participants: [ Hanna Jaglarz, Anne Clock, Spehr Fathi], [Phillis Yang, Leanne Li, Matthew Baker], [Kenneth Siu, Nadia Cheng, Silas Clusiau], [Khyati Danak, Aasha Shah, Hannah Wonnacott], [Claire de Jeu, Ho Park Yeung, Thea Taylor], [Sarah Abdulkarim, Audrey Chen, Azana Saunders], [Jake Farquharson, Jan Hendrikse, Meghan Engelen], [Jiadi Dai, Edward Wu, Calving Liang], [Yoon Hur, Janson Neal, Simon Peiris], [Kinna Mistry, Juan Juan Yin, Laurie Zeng], [Taylor Murray, Yannik Sigouin, Mariem Saad].

Special thanks to: Andrew Payne, Conroy Murray, Heinz Koller, Michael Syms, Jessica Steinhausser, Isabel Ochoa, James Clarke-Hicks, and Denis Longchamps.

Bricks kindly sponsored by Canada Brick.

This exhibition is made possible by Masonry Council of Ontario in partnership with the School of Architecture, University of Waterloo, and The Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery.

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