Professor Rick Haldenby received the Order of Canada on Thursday, February 22, in recognition of his contributions to the advancement of architectural education in Canada and for his efforts to preserve industrial and mid-century buildings.

Haldenby received his BArch degree from the University of Waterloo in 1975 and returned as a junior professor in 1976. Over the past 47 years, he has been a central figure in establishing the School of Architecture as an international leader in design education.

It was his community work along with his accomplishments as a School of Architecture faculty member which prompted a local retired high school teacher to nominate Haldenby for the Order of Canada.   

Honoured by the appointment, Haldenby says he’s grateful to those who have helped him receive it.

“I think of it as recognition for the students with whom I have had the pleasure of sharing my love of architecture, for the School I have dedicated my life to building and for the cities in Waterloo region whose histories are so rich and whose futures are so bright,” he says.

Waterloo News published an in depth look at Rick's career in 2020 when his appointment to the Order of Canada was announced.