Waterloo Architecture alumni Andrea Shin Ling (BES '02, MArch '07) and Vincent Hui (BES '00, GCERT '03, MArch '03) will represent Canada at the 2025 Venice Biennale of Architecture as members of the Living Room Collective.

The Canada Council for the Arts recently announced the selection of the Living Room Collective, a group of architects, scientists, artists and educators will work at the intersection of architecture, biology and digital fabrication to situate architecture as an integral and supportive component of our ecosystem.

The Venice Biennale is and has been one of the most important cultural institutions in the world since 1895. The International Architecture Exhibition consists of a central exhibition with over 100 international participants, 60 national pavilions and collateral events throughout the city. It is a prestigious exhibition and international platform that engages critical conversations about contemporary architecture—among them architects, artists, designers, critics, politicians, students, and cultural leaders from around the world.