Winter 2017 Arriscraft Lectures

Lecture Series winter 2017 poster

Presented in conversation with the student-led initiative Treaty Lands Global Stories 

Building on differences
2017 marks 150 years of colonialism since Canadian Confederation and the rise of authoritarian populism around the world. In this context, the winter lecture series brings together architects and artists, historians and designers, who are constructively struggling to create possible futures of equitable co-existence for people of different cultural beliefs and practices.

The series begins on Thursday February 2 with a Lecture by Phil Monture of the Six Nations of the Grand River. Phil will be telling us about the history of the land on which the school is situated, and the violence of colonialism which has produced cities like Cambridge. Community members have recently begun to acknowledge the indigenous lands on which the school stands. This talk will provide a deeper understanding of what these acknowledgements mean, through with an indigenous history of the place we live and work. Architects are constantly drawing lines in space. These lines are elaborations of earlier lines that began with the earliest colonial subdivisions of land in North America. Phil will shed light on the historical processes that delineate the spaces within which designers work. 

Winter 2017 Lecturers

Phil Monture - 02.02.17

Azra Akšamija- 03.02.17

Stephen Gray - 03.09.17

Duane Linklater - 03.16.17

UUfie - Recent Projects - 03.23.17

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