How to print using wPrint

Note: ​wPrint is a public printing system that is available for anyone with a WatIAM userID and password to print files from a personally-owned computer, mobile device, or public computer lab.

  1. Ensure that you have a balance of flex dollars on your WatCard:
    1. Funds can be added to your WatCard
      1. At the Psychology-Anthropology-Sociology (PAS) Lounge located in PAS 3003 or at any other Food Services location.
      2. Or funds can be added to your WatCard online
  2. Go to the wPrint page and log in with your WatIAM credentials.
  3. Click Web Print.
  4. Click Submit a Job.
  5. Select the printer to which you would like to print from the list provided.  The wPrint printer located in pas 1099 is listed as mediaprint2\rs-public-pas1099.
  6. Click Print Options and Account Selection.
  7. Enter your print options (i.e. number of copies) and then click Upload Documents.
  8. Click Choose files to upload the documents you want to print and then click Upload and Complete.
  9. Go to the wPrint printer and swipe your WatCard to release your print job.
  10. Your job will not be released until you have swiped your WatCard at the wPrint printer.  

Canceling a wPrint print job

  1. If you want to cancel a print job, you can do so at the Jobs Pending Release screen.

Help with wPrint print jobs

  1. If you are having any issues with wPrint print jobs, please contact the ACO help desk.

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