Maintenance and replacement of university-owned computers


To: Faculty Members
From: Duane B. Kennedy, 
Associate Dean, Computing, Faculty of Arts
Subject: Maintenance and Replacement of University-owned Computers
Date: April 26, 2000

This policy relates to maintenance and replacement of University-owned computers used by faculty members in the Faculty of Arts. This policy applies both to computers purchased from sources such as research grants, starter grants, departmental budgets, and professional allowance and to computers provided by the Arts Computing Office. Faculty members also should consult University of Waterloo Policy 74, Fixed Asset Inventory.

General policies

The University of Waterloo and the Faculty of Arts are responsible for University-owned computers including responsibility for insurance. Responsibility for the custody, ongoing maintenance, and replacement of these computers rests with the person/unit providing the resources for the purchase of the computer. For example, if a department purchases a computer for a faculty member then the department is responsible for ongoing maintenance and replacement. Similarly, if a faculty member purchases the computer through a research grant, starter grant, or professional allowance then the faculty member is responsible for ongoing maintenance and replacement.

The Arts Computing Office works with various University departments to maintain appropriate fixed asset records. As part of this responsibility, the Arts Computing Office may stamp the equipment with an inventory number or may attach a fixed asset sticker. These stamps and stickers are used only for the purposes of record keeping and do not imply responsibility for maintenance or replacement. Univeristy of Waterloo Policy 74 requires that when university-owned computers are removed from campus to an individual's home or other location, an "Off Campus Fixed Asset Location Form" must be completed.

Computers provided by the Arts Computing Office

Occasionally, the Arts Computing Office provides a computer to an individual faculty member. For example, this has occurred in the past when new computers are purchased for a public lab and the existing computers are made available to individual faculty members rather than declaring them surplus. The Arts Computing Office provides these computers under the following conditions:

  • the computer must remain in the office of the faculty member and cannot be taken home;
  • the computer must be connected to the Waterloo Nexus network (or subsequent networks as determined by the Arts Computing Office);
  • the Arts Computing Office does not assume responsibility for the cost of maintenance for these computers:
  • the Arts Computing Office will make reasonable attempts to keep the computer operating but the faculty member is responsible for the cost of replacement parts;
  • if the computer will not operate satisfactorily after reasonable repair attempts then the Arts Computing Office will reclaim the computer and is not responsible for replacement;
  • if changes in technology (for example, introduction of a new operating system) render the computer unusable or unreliable, Arts Computing Office will reclaim the computer and the Arts Computing Office is not responsible for replacement of the computer.

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