Podium changes for Spring 2022 term

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

What is happening? 

Office applications on podium machines have been updated to Microsoft 365 apps.

What is the impact?

  • Users will be automatically logged in to OneDrive when they log in to the podium machine
  • Files saved to This PC/Documents will save in one of these locations:
    • If the faculty has folder redirection set up to a network drive, files saved to This PC/Documents will be saved to the network drive
    • If the faculty does not have folder redirection set up, files saved to This PC/Documents will be saved locally
      • If using OneDrive, individuals will need to save files directly to OneDrive
  • Some individuals may see some OneDrive data prompts at log in. No action/configuration is required; individuals may click through the prompts
  • OneDrive may have a slight delay in displaying files while the initial sync process runs

Questions or concerns? 

Please contact the IST Service Desk via the Jira Help Portal.

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