Nexus software installations

The Arts Computing Office (ACO) is asked to install many new software packages and databases for students to use in their courses on the Nexus network. Software that is easily installed on a stand-alone system may not be as easily installed on our networks.

As a result, we require the software to be in our hands six weeks prior to the time it is required for the course. This time is required to install and test the software and in some cases to determine if the software will even run on the Nexus network.

We will certainly do our best to make the software work on the Nexus network but instructors should have a contingency plan just in case. Also, we will gladly help out with any licensing issues, but it remains the instructors responsibility to obtain the required licenses.

Software required for: ACO be given the software by:
Spring Term Mid March
Fall Term Mid July
Winter Term Mid November

Thank you for your cooperation.