Current students

New study finds that 13 per cent of students in the University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Environment carried out work related to the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Waterloo created a pilot program to help increase both co-op student and employer awareness of SDGs.

Co-operative education at the University of Waterloo was built in from the very beginning. That strong foundation has allowed us to not only build the program we have today with more than 25,000 students and 7,500 employers, but build opportunities beyond co-op for our students. They learn how to navigate the hiring process, applying their skills to real-life problems and learning about themselves along the way, ultimately preparing them for the future of work. Hear Dr. Norah McRae talk about how it all started, where we are today and the path forward.

University of Waterloo President Vivek Goel addresses the impact of COVID-19 on student university experience, mental health and financial situation. As the provincial government considers their next steps, Goel insists that university students and their on-campus experiences are priority.

Artificial intelligence studio, AltaML, announces collaboration with Microsoft Canada and the University of Waterloo. explains that AltaML and Microsoft Canada are leading the artificial intelligence stream of Waterloo Experience (WE) Accelerate.

TVO Today article addresses the future of remote work. Judene Pretti, director of business services for Co-operative and Experiential Education at Waterloo, discusses co-op student surveys regarding remote work.

Waterloo Mechanical Engineering student Orianna Min develops her Elpis startup through Enterprise Co-op Program (E Co-op). The story in Waterloo News highlights Min’s business, which uses biotechnology to assist people living with spinal cord injuries.